Friday, December 23, 2011

A Few Career Resources

Believe it or not, I am still wrapping up career lessons with my fifth graders.  My wonderful media specialist and I are co-teaching the last couple of lessons so that we can incorporate technology and research into the unit.  The students are completing a Holland’s personality inventory to figure out which of the six personality categories might fit them best:  Artistic, Conventional, Social, Enterprising, Realistic, or Investigative.  Then, students are exploring the careers and researching details about the occupation such as the degree required for the job, what subjects are used in the job, and what might be positive/negative about the job.  Although I do not require students to research a job from their personality category,  if they don’t see any job that piques their interest,  my hope is that personality inventory will provide another piece of information that will get students thinking about career choices.

In creating and delivering these lessons, I set up stations where students were able to rotate and use different elementary career resources.  I have always used the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website,, because it provides the best information about degrees required, current pay information, and outlook for the future on so many different occupations.   This year, I introduced the website, which the kids loved.  I primarily used the website at a Smartboard station to let students access the career video files, but there is a wealth of information I will continue to explore next year.  Finally, my technology teacher extended my lessons by using the website, , during technology time.  This website and interactive game really caught the attention of my fifth graders, especially some of the male students, as they designed a car while answering interest inventory questions.  Then, students were able to drive along a “highway”, entering and exiting as they explored different occupations.  Many of the students asked if they could play the game at home, which they can, and I was pleased to see the enthusiasm.  I hope all of these lessons will culminate in at least one of my classes creating a wax museum for my first graders to tour, but it will depend on the time available.   Either way, we have had a great experience exploring careers!
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